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Glassy Carbon


Glassy Carbon Electrode

Glass-like carbon, often called glassy carbon or vitreous carbon, is a non-graphitizing, or nongraphitizable, carbon which combines glassy and ceramic properties with those of graphite. The most important properties are high temperature resistance, hardness (7 Mohs), low density, low electrical resistance, low friction, low thermal resistance, extreme resistance to chemical attack and impermeability to gases and liquids. Glassy carbon is widely used as an electrode material in electrochemistry, for high-temperature crucibles, and as a component of some prosthetic devices. It can be fabricated in different shapes, sizes and sections.


Electrode length : 100 mm

Electrode OD: 6 mm

Available working diameter (ID) : 3 mm, 5 mm


Part number: [TES-GC-3,5]

Product includes

1x Glassy Carbon Electrode

1x O-ring

1x bottom cap 

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