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HydroFlex® Hydrogen Reference Electrode

HydroFlex® Standard Hydrogen Reference Electrode


The easy way of measuring potentials!


This reference electrode works in every electrolyte.
Measurement error sources like liquid junction potentials or contamination of your electrolyte do not occur.
Therefore HydroFlex® is perfectly suited for corrosion measurements.
Also long time measurements up to 6 months without any user action belong to the unique features of HydroFlex®.


  • Body: PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene)

  • Dimensions: Shaft Ø 8 mm, length 80 mm

  • Head Ø 25 mm, height 35 mm + 6 mm for cartridge

  • Connector: Gold-plated connector, socket for Ø 2 mm lab plug

  • Sensor element: Palladium-Platinum gas diffusion electrode

  • Hydrogen source: Replaceable cartridge, adjustable to 1 – 12 months, 6 months recommended

  • Sealings: EPDM


The voltage is measured at the gold-plated socket in the electrode’s head. Multimeters for measuring voltage should have an input resistance of 5 MOhm and more. Our reference electrode is of low-impedance so that shielded cables are not needed. The HydroFlex can be used up to temperatures of 210°C as long as only the PTFE-shaft is exposed to those temperatures.

The benefits are quite obvious. The electrode provides itself with hydrogen gas by an internal supply which can easily be exchanged. It does not contain interior electrolyte thus there is no ion-discharge and no diffusion potentials. The HydroFlex is low-maintenance because no electrolyte has to be refilled. It does not contain any heavy metals.
The electrode can be used in concentrated fluoride electrolytes and in strongly acidic or strongly alkaline mediums (pH -2 to 16) because it is made out of PTFE.


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