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This Monolayer Polypropylene (PP) separator membranes is usually used to the disposable (primary) lithium battery. Monolayer PP separators are also well-suited for electric drive vehicle (EDV) application

Separators are an important component within a Li Lon battery cell. They need to mechanically separate anode and cathode within a cell while allowing maximum ionic conductivity of the Li Lon containing electrolyte. Separators impact cell production, cell performance, life and very importantly safety and reliability. Separators selected and designed based on various factors like Shrinkage, Wettability, Ionic resistance, Porosity, penetration resistance , Weight, Drying & Meltdown temp .


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Grade: Battery 

Type: Separator PP

Layer: Single

Thickness: 25 Micron

Dimension: 85 x 60 mm

Part Number: TES-BM-SE-10

Type: Separator PP-PE-PP

Layer: Triple

Thickness: 25 Micron

Dimension: 85 x 60 mm

Part Number: TES-BM-SEP-10

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Product includes

1x PP Role

1x few meter Role (Up on Request)

Datasheet: PP & PE

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