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Swagelok Type cell

TES's make 2- Electrode Swagelok Type: cell is useful to study the single or full electrode behavior using foil electrode or carbon cloth as anode and cathode electrode, this helps the user to accomplish the super capacitor or Li-ion battery close to device system with very minimal step and able to perform different type measurements like CV, EIS and Charge-discharge.


TES's make 3-Electrode Swagelok Type: cell offers the user to study the working electrode behavior for different techniques.

Typical Li-ion battery in 3-Electrode Swagelok cell can setup with following: pt mesh as reference electrode, LiCoO2 as a counter electrode and separator in between.



Grade: 304 Noncorrosive   

Type: 2-Electrode Swagelok type

Body: Teflon & Stainless steel

Part Number: TES-BM-SW2-10

Grade: 304 Noncorrosive   

Type: 3-Electrode Swagelok type

Body: Teflon & Stainless steel

Part Number: TES-BM-SW3-10

Product includes

1x Swagelok Type cell

Application Note:


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