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TES's Make two electrode split cell is useful in battery/ super capacitor research were you want to measure the amount of pressure given to your electrodes, with help of the pressure gauge attached to we can easily measure the applied pressure and gas evolution during charge-discharge measurements. 


Grade: 302 Stainless steel

Application: battery

Electrode body: Teflon 

Die Size: 20 mm ID and 45 mm OD

  • Feed to Separator, electrode and Electrolyte in the die.

  • No screws in the die.

  • Compatible press provided to apply the pressure without crimping.

  • Provision to connect the leads to test the device.

  • Connect the current leads from pushing rods for testing.

  • Max. Working Pressure: 20 MPa

  • Max. Working Temperature: 150 degree C

Part Number: TES-FC-SC-10

NOTE: contact our expert team to customization

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Product includes

1x Stain steel stand frame with base

1x Upper Teflon cap

1x bottom Teflon cap

1x upper metal contact disc

1x bottom metal contact disc

1x pressure gauge (optional)

Application notes:

#TES-10 Two Electrode split cell


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