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Compact polishing kit


Compact Polishing Kit

TES Brand Polishing kit is useful in effectively removing substances in the working electrode surface. which enables the user to prepare the working surface for the next experiments


Polishing kit (Polishing pad, alumina powder having different particle sizes etc.),

Compact kit with Three bottles of alumina powder

  • 1 mircon, 0.5 micron and 0.05 micron

  • 0.5 Micron Alpha alumina Powder

  • 1.0 Micron Alpha alumina Powder

  • 0.05micro Gamma alumina powder

  • 73mm diameter 1200 girt Carbimet disks [grey in color]

  • 73mm diameter Nylon polishing pads [white in color]

  • 73mm diameter Microcloth polishing pads [brown in color]

Part number: [TES-EK-10]

Product includes

3x Alumina powders

5x Polishing pads

1x glass plate

Application Note:


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