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Platinum Working


Platinum Working Electrode

The working electrode is the electrode in an electrochemical system on which the reaction of interest is occurring. The working electrode is often used in conjunction with an auxiliary electrode, and a reference electrode in a three electrode system. Depending on whether the reaction on the electrode is a reduction or an oxidation, the working electrode is called cathodic or anodic, respectively. Common working electrodes can consist of materials ranging from inert metals such as gold, silver or platinum, to inert carbon such as glassy carbon, boron doped diamond or pyrolytic carbon, and mercury drop and film electrodes. Chemically modified electrodes are employed for the analysis of both organic and inorganic samples.


Electrode length : 100 mm

Electrode OD: 6 mm

Available working diameter (ID) : 3 mm


Part number: [TES-PT-3]

Product includes

1x Platinum Working Electrode

1x O-ring;1x bottom cap safe cover 

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